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High Temperature Polyimide Tapes

Polymide Tapes

We offer a variety polyimide tapes for applications in various industries. No matter which industry you are in, you can choose the one with the exact property and structure you want.

Polyimide films are used in more and more industries inducting electrical/electronic industries as they offer excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties as well as powerful mechanical strength.

There are approximately 20 types of polyimide tapes with varying film thickness, adhesives, and structures.

Item No. Product Applications / Features
WT-130 Polyimide Masking Tape Wave solder/ Heat resistant masking
WT-130AS Polyimide Anti-static Tape Clean room operations/ Anti-static
WT-130A Polyimide Tape for Insulating High temperature insulation/ Stable breakdown voltage
WT-130T Polyimide Tape with Liner Complex circuit board masking/Excellent in cutting small size
WT-130D Double Side Polyimide Tape Splicing & holding/Heat resistant double side coated tape