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FR-450 Series

Effortless foot-operation creates strong seals.


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Main Features

Applications & Features Foot-operated sealer with angle-locking work table
Operating method Foot-operated
Packaging type Seal only
Daily use frequency as model selection guideline 1,000 to 3,000 bags, foot-operated
Bag size (max.) 45cm (17.7 inches)
Latest type Single-side heating type H, Double-side heating type G

Compatible packaging materials (total thickness of two or more sheets):

Double-side heating type

  • PE : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • PP : 0.3mm/11.8mil,
  • NY : 0.3mm/11.8mil,
  • PVA : 0.3mm/11.8mil,
  • other laminated materials : 0.4mm/15.7mil

Double-side heating type

  • PE : 0.6mm/23.6mil,
  • PP : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • NY : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • PVA : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • other laminated materials : 0.5mm/19.7mil

Overview of the FR-450 series

Foot-operated sealer, FR-450 series is a long selling product that have been utilized for packaging food or industrial products. FR-450 includes table which is anchored to the angle bar steel on bosth sides of the sealer by hook. Good for bags filled with rice and other items.

Simple operation

Effortless foot-operation creates beautiful, strong seals.

Use the timer to set the heating time, and situate the bag on the sealing area. (The heating time to be set using the timer varies by the type and thickness of the packaging material.) Simply step on the pedal to create a seal.

Good for a variety of packaging materials

Good for seal lengths of 450mm.

Models for seal widths of 2, 5 and 10 mm are available.

In addition to a single heater type capable of sealing materials up to 0.3mm thick (total thickness of overlapping sheets), there is a double heater type capable of sealing thick or laminated bags up to 0.4mm thick (total thickness of overlapping sheets).

The double heater type is good also for gusset bags.

Sealing an oxygen scavenger inside a gas-barrier material packaging can help extend a product life.

Angle-bar-fixed table (standard equipment)

The table height can be adjusted according to your work environment. Hook the table to the angle-bar steel on both sides of the sealer to anchor the table.

Good for bags filled with rice and other items weighing between 2 and 15kg (4.4 and 33.1 lbs.)

Figure 2

The Fi Series standard and special tables may be installed on FR-450 series of sealers. Note that angle bars must be removed before installing a special table.


Printing device installation

An electronic printer (two-line printing device) may be installed on the FR-450 series of sealers.

For information on the FEP-N1 series, see this page.

The following table shows models to which printers can be installed:

Impulse Sealer Model Inside Outside
FR-450 Single-side heating type FEP-N2 FEP-OS-N2
FR-450 Double-side heating type FEP-N2 Not available- tr

Safety Measures

Timer to prevent overheating

Should the heater ever overheat (should the heater continue to heat beyond the first four seconds of heating), the power switch automatically shuts off to stop the heater from heating further.