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Fi-400Y PK / Fi-600Y PK Series

Foot-operated sealer for making special bags

For processing block-bottom bags or sealing tube type films

Fi-400Y-5 PK

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Fi-600Y-10 PK

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Main Features

Applications & Features Foot-operated sealer for making special bags
Operating method Foot-operated
Packaging type Seal only
Daily use frequency as model selection guideline 1,000 to 3,000 bags, foot-operated
Bag size (max.) 40 and 60cm (15.7 and 23.6 inches)
Latest type Single-side heating type G, Double-side heating type F, 400 Cutting type G, 600 Cutting type H

Compatible packaging materials (total thickness of two or more sheets):

Double-side heating type

  • PE : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • PP : 0.3mm/11.8mil,
  • NY : 0.3mm/11.8mil,
  • PVA : 0.3mm/11.8mil,
  • other laminated materials : 0.4mm/15.7mil

Double-side heating type

  • PE : 0.6mm/23.6mil,
  • PP : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • NY : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • PVA : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • other laminated materials : 0.5mm/19.7mil

Overview of the Fi-400Y PK / Fi-600Y PK series

The Fi-400Y PK / Fi-600Y PK series allow film to pass through the sealing area, making it possible to seal other than the end of a bag. It can be used also for processing block-bottom bags.The Fi-400Y PK / Fi-600Y PK series is a long selling product that have been utilized for packaging food or industrial products.

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Clamping retaining device PK-102 as standard equipment makes foot-operation easy

The Fi-400Y/Fi-600Y series of sealers come standard-equipped with the clamping retaining device, PK-102. The clamping retaining device stabilizes the seal precision and reduces the load of foot operation.

Set the heating time using the timer on the sealer and set the clamping retention (i.e., cooling) time using the timer on the clamping retaining device PK. Situate the bag on the sealing area. Simply step on the pedal to create a seal.

What is the clamping retaining device PK-102?

It evens out the sealing finish.

With PK-102, the user can adjust the sealing pressure and clamping retention (i.e., cooling) time according to bag material, which was not possible with the timer on the foot-operated sealer alone. This reduces the strain on the user caused by foot-operation, and resolves the problem of disparity in the sealing finish among different operators.

Clamping retention time setting range:

User-defined heating time + 0.0 to 5.0 seconds

Reduces work strain; simple operation

Step lightly on the pedal. The solenoid then works to retain the clamping. While a foot-operated sealer must ordinarily be continuously operated by foot, a PK-equipped foot-operated sealer allows the user to release the foot from the pedal at this point.

The clamping lever and the pedal automatically return to the initial position after heating and cooling periods are over.

PK-102 operation process

1. Step lightly on the pedal.

2. The solenoid works to automatically begin applying pressure. At this point, the user is no longer required to continue stepping on the pedal.

3. After heating is completed, the pressure continues to be applied during the cooling time (i.e., clamping retention time) that the user had set using PK-102.

4. After cooling is completed, the retained pressure is automatically released and the clamping lever lifts to complete a single operation cycle.

Figure 6

A comprehensive product lineup

We offer a comprehensive lineup of models to accommodate a variety of bag sizes (widths), thickness and materials.

Available seal lengths are 400 and 600mm.

Models for seal widths of 2, 5 and 10 mm are available.

The double-side heating type is good also for gusset bags.

With cutting mechanism: Type YC

Type YC is equipped with a cutting mechanism to cut excess bag (film) ends. Slide the cutter knob sideways in either direction to cut the tube-shaped film after sealing it.

Figure 7
Figure 8

For in-between cuts: Types 5C and 10C

Types 5C and 10C use a cutting heater to cut through the centerline of the sealed area. It can be used to seal and cut apart the tube-shaped film at the same time to make bags.

Figure 9

Cutting type type

The cutting type can be used for processing bags in which a round-wire melt-cutting heater is used to cut the bag (film). Although the melt-cutting heater slightly fuses the film together, there is hardly any sealing strength.

Figure 10