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Hot Stamp Printer

Beautiful printing by easy operation


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Main Features

Applications & Features Hand-held hot printer, two-line printing device (also one-line printing capable)
Operating method Hand-operated
Printable packaging materials: KOP, NY/PE, PE, paper, etc.
Latest type Type E

Overview of HP-362-N2

HP-362-N2 is a printer that requires just a light press on the lever to print. Printing is simple, before or after sealing with your sealer.

HP-362-N2 uses an electronic heating element to heat in a short period of time, making it an economic printer that consumes less energy.

HP-362-N2 generates two printed lines, whose content can be changed by replacing type.

Print with an effortless hand-lever operation

Simply press down on the hand-lever to create print that is beautiful yet strong against boil processing and scratches.

The printer is a two-line printing device that may also be used as a one-line printing device by modifying the setting.

The electronic heating element reduces the warm-up period and cuts energy consumption, making this an economical printer.

The type may not print well on some films (e.g., OP and CP).

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The printer works like this: Press the hand lever to lower the adjuster and to make the drive roller unit turn. The unused portion of the print tape moves to where the type is, and the printing is done by the heating unit, using carbon. The used portion of the print tape is wound onto the Roller for Winding Used Tape.

Simple to use, beautiful print

Lightweight and compact, the printer is easily mobile.

Once you turn on the power, there are no complicated operations and settings for this handy printer.

Prints are made using type

The text can be changed by replacing type. They are made of brass.

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No ink is used

Printing is done without ink, by using heated type to print the carbon from the print tape.

Standard number of letters printed using a single roll of print tape:

  • Two-line print = about 6,000 letters
  • One-line print = about 12,000 letters.
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