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I-Heating Element

When replacing parts, please use only specified parts sold through FujiImpulse.

The genuine FujiImpulse parts are developed only for FujiImpulse sealer. To maintain the performance of sealer, please use only specified parts sold through Fuji Impulse.

Figure 1

Durable Heating Element

For the right-mentioned model, I-Heating element is installed. Because the I-Heating element expands less during heating compared to conventional heating element, they are less likely to break, such as in the middle of the heating element. In addition, it is possible to prolong the life of the peripheral components such as temperature sensors in contact with the heating element.

Target models are as follows.

  • LOS-NT / NTW Series
  • LOS Series
  • FiF Series
  • FiF-A Series

Differences from the conventional heating element

Name of seal temperature control model

1) On the above mentioned models (except V-460 series), both 5mm and 10mm heating element can be installed. On the other hand, I-Heating element is not changeable to the one of another width. 5mm and 10mm width sealer becomes separate model.

Figure 2

2) Sales unit of I-Heating element

Sales unit for the conventional heating element is 20 or 10 pieces. The new I-Heating element is 5 pieces per set.

Figure 3

I-Heating element cannot be used to the machine which does not install it originally.

Please do not attach I-Heating Element to the machine on which another type heating element is originally installed.