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FL Gun

NS-300 hot air welding unit comes standard equipped with the FL gun. It is also sold separately.

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Main Features

Air produced by an electric rotary blower inside the NS-300 is heated to a tempeature sufficient for welding by a heating element in the interior of the FL gun.

Welding is done by then directing the heated air at a ratio of 30 - 40% welding rod, and 60 − 70% work piece. Once the welding rod begins to melt, push it downward and continue to weld.

Usage examples include

Welding, processing and repairing various PVC materials, fabricating various containers such as box-shaped tanks, plumbing, and fabricating duct-lining, modified joints, plastic displays and signboards

Standard nozzles (in accessories)

3mm Nozzle (Standard)

Figure 3

3mm nozzle (1piece) is attached on the welding gun.

4mm Nozzle (Standard)

Figure 4


Curved nozzle

Figure 5

Curved nozzle (1piece) is included in the FL gun that comes with NS-300.

3mm long nozzle

Figure 6

4mm long nozzle

Figure 7