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RL Gun

Optional welding gun for NS-300

Figure 1
Figure 2

Main Features

As in the FL gun, air produced by an electric rotary blower inside the NS-300 is heated to a temperature sufficient for welding by a heating element in the interior of RL guns.

With the RL gun it is also possible to attach the sperical high-speed nozzles. These high-speed nozzles allow work to progress faster and with a cleaner finish than the standard nozzle attached to the FL gun.

Usage examples include

The rod-shaped RL Gun is good for the box interior welding work (doing corners or duct lining), or any work that requires you work in narrow places without much space to move your hands.

Standard nozzles (in accessories)

3mm Nozzle (Standard)

Figure 3

3mm nozzle (1piece) is attached on the welding gun.

4mm Nozzle (Standard)

Figure 4

4mm nozzle (1piece) is included in accessories.

Curved nozzle

Figure 5

Curved nozzle (1piece) is included in accessories.


High-speed 3mm; single nozzle

Figure 6

High-speed 3mm; double nozzle

Figure 7

Temporary welding nozzle

Figure 8

3mm long nozzle

Figure 9

4mm long nozzle

Figure 10