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Tabletop Sealer Gusset Pouch Sealer T-130 / T-230K

Tabletop Impulse Sealer for Thick Gusset Pouch (for Coffee / Tea Bag)

Photo of T-130K

Figure 1

Photo of T-230K

Figure 2
Figure 9

Main Features

Applications & Features Tabletop, hand-operated
Also called Tea/Coffee bag sealer
Operating method Hand-operated
Packaging type Seal only
Daily use frequency as model selection guideline Up to 1,000 bags, hand-operated
Bag size (max.) T-130K: up to 12cm /4.8 inches T-230K: up to 22cm / 8.8 inches
Latest type Type E

Compatible packaging materials (total thickness of two or more sheets):

  • PE : 0.6mm/23.6mil
  • PP : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • NY : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • PVA : 0.4mm/15.7mil,
  • Other laminated materials : 0.5mm/19.7mil

Overview of T-130K and T-230K

T-130K and T-230K can seal the thick gusset bags, used mainly for loose-leaf tea and coffee bean bags, with its strong double-side heating mechanism.

This compact yet powerful sealer has the machine structure that can generate the strong seal pressure. In addition, equipped with the highly flexible braided heating element, T-130K and T-230K can seal the thick gusset bags without damaging the heating element.

Equipped with the Braided heating element

T-130K and T-230K use highly flexible, braided heating elements that absorb significant unevenness to seal thick film and laminated bags, as well as thick gusset bags.

Compared to conventional ribbon heating elements, braided heating elements allow the sealing of more uneven bags (such as gusset bags) to prevent the content from spilling. They are a highly durable heating element, configured to sustain minimal damage despite repeated use.

Braided heating element

Figure 3

Please note the following points with the seal made by the braided heating element.。

  • The sealing has a braided, mesh-pattern look.
  • The sealing finish may vary by product, and after each replacement of the heating element.
  • The braided heating element and the ribbon heating element differ in their thicknesses. When replacing a braided heating element with a ribbon heating element, or when replacing a ribbon heating element with a braided heating element, you may need to readjust the heating temperature and/or the sealing pressure. When the result of a sealing test is not a clean seal, adjust the heating temperature, and, upon referencing the information below, adjust the sealing pressure. (The factory setting is set for the braided-heating element.)
Figure 4

Simple operation

Use the heating-time adjuster knob on top of the unit to set the appropriate heating time for the bag.

Figure 5
Figure 6

Securely seal thick gusset bags

Gusset bags, used mainly for loose-leaf tea and coffee bean bags, consist of evaporated aluminum film and are thick, especially with four sheets overlapping in the back as shown in the illustration below. Clamping the bag requires powerful pressure and heat capable of melting the bag, which ordinary sealers cannot produce. T-130K and T-230K are configured to heat the bag not only from the bottom but also from the top (double heating method), as well as to apply enhanced, powerful sealing pressure. The FT sealers are capable of sealing coffee/tea bags and other bags with a total film thickness of up to 0.5mm.

Figure 7

Please note that for gusset bags such as the one illustrated above, the thickest part of the bag will consist of four overlapped pieces of film. This means that the T sealer can seal film up to 0.125mm thick.

Total thickness 0.5mm/4 sheets = 0.125mm per sheet of film

Good for a variety of packaging materials

At the time of shipment, the sealing pressure is set for a standard-thickness bag. The appropriate sealing pressure differs depending on the material and the shape of the bag. To ensure complete seals, please modify the sealing pressure with the pressure adjustment nut as needed.

Figure 8