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SM11 / SA11 / SM116

SM11 Range of Automatic Case Sealer Machines.

The SM11 range of carton sealers automatically close the top flaps of the carton boxes and tape them. The machine is manually adjusted to fit different sizes of boxes, and is ideal for running long production runs of the same box size. Adjusting the machine to fit another box size takes just a few minutes when packing demand changes. The SM11 adjustment and use are intuitive, simple and fast.

Key Features

  • Automatic top flaps folding device
  • Manual adjustment for different box sizes (width, height, length) by handles.
  • Side driven belts
  • Driven belts speed 21 m/min
  • 2 x Motors kW 0,13 each
  • Side pressure rollers to keep top flaps close
  • Adjustable working height 500 – 750 mm.
  • 2 x K11R taping unit - 50 mm width
  • Side safety protections connected to electro-pneumatic disconnection switches


  • High productivity
  • Fully automatic


  • 2 x K12R taping unit - 75 mm width for SM11 model
  • Low tape / no tape sensor device
  • AG21 motorized indexing and centering unit with timer control
  • Silent taping head KS11
  • Stainless steel IP54 model SM11-I
  • Higher legs (AS80)
  • Casters (AS77)
  • Roller conveyor (RG)
  • Extendable conveyor (GTL - GTR)
  • Inkjet printer (K-125/K-250)


Box dimensions

  • Min. L 200 mm W 150 mm H 120 mm
  • Max L 600 mm W 500 mm H 600 mm

SM11/4 for smaller boxes

Box dimensions

  • Min. L 200 mm W 105 mm H 60 mm
  • Max L 600 mm W 500 mm H 580 mm

SA11 & SA11/4

Similar in specifications as SM11 & SM11/4, except that the machines are equipped with pneumatic adjustments for adjusting the box height.

SM116 for larger boxes

Box dimensions

  • Min. L 300 mm W 150 mm H 150 mm
  • Max. L 900 mm W 650 mm H 700 mm