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SM44 / SM446


SM44 Range of Automatic Random Case Sealer Machines.

The SM44 range of carton sealers automatically adjust itself to suit different box sizes coming into the machine and close the top flaps of the boxes automatically and tape them. No operator is required for this machine.

The machine applies automatically two self-adhesive tape stripes on the upper and lower boxes middle line. Utilization of the SM44 is intuitive, simple and fast.

A system, located on the top part of the taping head construction, folds automatically the 4 flaps of the box. By doing this movement, the user can work faster and more efficiently as he has all his hands free to fill boxes or do any other action.

Key Features

  • Automatic four-flaps-folder device
  • Side driven belts (2 x 75 mm width each)
  • Driven belts speed 30 m/min
  • Side pressure rollers to control flaps box closing
  • Pneumatic detector system boxes height
  • 2 x K11R taping unit - 50 mm width
  • Low/brake tape device
  • Side safety protections connected to electro-pneumatic disconnection switches
  • Polycarbonate safety protections panels
  • Control panel for pneumatic adjustment
  • Control panel on external module
  • Air pressure regulator
  • Average air pressure consumption: 180 Nl/min approx.
  • Production capacity up to 450 boxes/hour
  • Centering unit with box holder


  • Self-adjustment on box dimensions
  • Flexibility
  • Automatic top & bottom flaps closing


  • 2 x K12R taping unit - 75 mm width
  • Higher legs (AS80)
  • Casters (AS77)
  • Roller conveyor (RG)
  • Extendable conveyor (GTL - GTR)


Box dimensions

  • Min. L 200 mm W 150 mm H 140 mm
  • Max L 600 mm W 500 mm H 500 mm


Box dimensions

  • Min. L 200 mm W 150 mm H 100 mm
  • Max L 600 mm W 500 mm H 460 mm


Box dimensions

  • Min. L 300 mm W 200 mm H 220 mm
  • Max L 800 mm W 650 mm H 750 mm