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F344 is a Range of Automatic Case Erectors.

The automatic case erectors F344 is designed to form and at a later stage to seal with adhesive tape the bottom flaps of boxes, ready then to be filled, with a variable output up to 1100 boxes/hour according to box dimensions. Machine adjustments are simple and fast. F344 model is easy to operate and is built in accordance with CE safety standards.

Key Features

  • Box storage for 150 boxes
  • Box storage available on left side (SX) or right side (DX)
  • Production up to 1100 boxes/hour
  • 2 x Carriages moved by compressed air (SMC + BOSCH) with suckers to pick cartons from box storage, square and push them in motorized driven belts (2 x Motors kW 0,65 each) for the bottom flaps folding & sealing
  • K11R taping unit - 50 mm width
  • BECKER vacuum system
  • Control panel equipped with: Touch Screen panel with trouble shooting, automatic "0" setting up,suckers carriages speed adjustment, box counter - box timer, low box storage alarm, brake/end tape alarm, full line alarm after the machine
  • Safety protections with switches to disconnect electric & pneumatic circuits if opened


Box dimensions

  • Min. L 150 mm W 150 mm H 150 mm
  • Max. L 450 mm W 350 mm H 450 mm


Box dimensions

  • Min. L 150 mm W 130 mm H 120 mm
  • Max. L 450 mm W 350 mm H 400 mm


Box dimensions

  • Min. L 200 mm W 150 mm H 150 mm
  • Max. L 560 mm W 350 mm H 450 mm


Box dimensions

  • Min. L 300 mm W 200 mm H 220 mm
  • Max. L 620 mm W 400 mm H 450 mm


  • Electric axis for faster box moving
  • Sealing of bottom flaps with self adhesive tape
  • Ready for integration into automatic lines
  • Manual adjustment on box dimensions


  • Box storage for 300 ML boxes on request
  • Other PLC brands on request
  • FESTO compressed air valves on request
  • K12R taping unit - 75 mm width on request
  • Casters (AS109)
  • Roller conveyor (RG)
  • Extendable conveyor (GTL - GTR)